Samira Boon

Japan – After finishing her education as an architect, Samira Boon lived in Japan for four years, where she started her design studio. Her first success came in 2002 after designing the “get well soon masks”: regular masks printed with animal faces. Shortly afterwards, she developed the “furoshiki shiki” series; vinyl bags that were inspired on a Japanese folding technique.

Netherlands – In recent years she transferred her focus on the development of 3 dimensional textiles at the Textile laboratory in the Netherlands. The technologically advanced textiles are applied on various interiors and result into a diversity of products. One of the most technologically advanced product series is the “instant collection”: pre-programmed different layers and seams, result into (nearly) finished 3D products straight out the machine, which hardly need any after treatment.

South Korea – In 2011 Samira Boon did a one-year residence in Seoul to collaborate with Korean companies and designers on various projects and an exhibition on folding. Moreover she enhanced her knowledge on the rich Asian culture.

Events – Samira Boon has contributed to design exhibitions, seminars and events in New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Seoul, The Dutch Textile Museum in Tilburg, the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT).

Lecturer / Workshops – Samira Boon actively shares her techniques and concepts in lectures and workshops and has taught at various design institutions including the Design Academy Eindhoven, the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam and Seoul National University of Technology. Since the start of 2014 she is also giving lectures at the Royal Academy of the Arts in the Hague.

kissing birds mask workshop-web

mask workshop at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo