Op de leest van Jan Jansen

Earlier this year, our floating artwork Diamond 01 (2018) was part of the exhibition: Op de leest van Jan Jansen – 60 jaar schoenen & Dutch Design (On the last of Jan Jansen – 60 years of shoes & Dutch Design) which opened in Museum JAN in Amstelveen spring 2021.

This exhibition showcased six decades of iconic work by shoe designer Jan Jansen along with the work of Dutch designers. With this exhibition, Museum JAN offered a platform for young talent and showed the generational influence that the work of Jan Jansen has had. To demonstrate his status as an influential and versatile designer, Museum JAN organised an exhibition in which Jan Jansen’s oeuvre is shown in relation and context to that of (emerging) Dutch designers. At the same time, the exhibition honored his heritage, which is a lasting source of inspiration for the current and future generation of Dutch designers: from fashion designers to product designers and interior designers. In all those years his style has always been recognizable: colorful, innovative, striking, lascivious, experimental and humorous. All this is expressed in shape, color and choice of materials. 

The exhibition featured selected designs by Jansen alongside multidisciplinary designs by interior, product and fashion designers. By displaying these combinations side by side, visitors were surprised with connections that transcend disciplines: shoes next to dresses, chairs, rugs and tables.

Click to watch the video in which shoe designer Jan Jansen talks about his work and gives a sneakpeak of the exhibition.