Mitt Jag (My Me)

The performance Mitt jag encourages a positive self-image and seeing the beauty of our differences. Through movement and textiles, we together create an illuminated sculptural world where the starting point is that all bodies are beautiful and valuable.

My Me is an interdisciplinary collaborative project with choreographer Heidi Vierthaler commissioned by Regionteater Väst, Sweden. The dancers create a textile installation using dynamic and malleable fabrics. We get to go on a journey that encourages imagination, creativity and joy. A journey that opens up to appreciate ourselves and others for who we are. Information & Booking

Photo: Hakan Larsson

For Mitt Jag we experimented a lot by combining different materials to achieve the right composition. The textiles are shaped through the performance to relate to body and space. The choreographer Heidi Vierthaler describes them as a “Textile playground with endless possibilities” 

For this project, we have developed two types of moldable textiles with memory and other unique characteristics. 

Hybrid Textiles

The textile is designed considering the movements of dancers featuring parametrically designed patterns and laser cutting for special tactile and visual effects. The moldability and fluidity of the fabric are gradually changing throughout the fabric, so it has its own choreographic behaviour.

Photo: Hakan Larsson

Uni Textiles 

These textiles are strong, highly moldable and can generate self-supportive 3d structures. They are developed for continuous interaction and reused throughout a series of 100 performances. They can be sculpted and flattened again to create landscapes of movement and redefine spaces on stage.