The Kunstlinie in Almere invited Studio Samira Boon to create an eye-catching installation in their Entrance Lounge. The Kunstlinie is a tranquil cultural oasis in the center of Almere. It was designed by the internationally renowned Japanese architectural firm SANAA linking the city and the water – to propel the potential of this town. The architectural ensemble seems to float on the water, pulling the water and the land together. On this symbolic intersection the concept of the INTERTIDAL was born:

Below the sea level and above the water, between inside and outside, stiff and soft – INTERTIDAL brings space and materials to a state of constant flux.

A colony of myriad identical elements forms various species of this reef structure. Playful lights reflect off tubes, bubble corals and plateaus to give them an ever-changing appearance bringing them to life. Atmospheric sounds transport the visitors to a unique environment, to the INTERTIDAL area.

This artificial coral garden represents a material ecosystem and tells the story of its formation. Looking closely you discover viscose fibres living their second life. For this installation, recycled textiles were transformed into a structural and durable biocomposite material for interiors called BioFold.

Photo credits: Peter Tijhuis.