custom carpets

Studio Samira Boon offers to accommodate your site specific wishes and requirements with the development and production of custom carpets. With each design we question the limits and devote efforts to fine-tune and perfect each detail, embracing all scales. Custom textiles can create unique sensory experiences, enrich the tactility and orchestrate the light, bring unity or add accents to the space.

Photo : Ossip van Duivenbode

To create highly customized carpets we can play with various parameters. The yarns can be selected as desired, for example to compose unique color blends suitable for your space. The type of yarn can be chosen together with the client based on touch, look & feel, technical requirements and their sustainable aspects.

Within the carpet there can be introduced various transformations, gradients and layouts. The use of different pole heights can transform the carpet into a three dimensional object. As you can see in this Japanese Garden inspired carpet, which is shaped like a stone and feels like a cloud. It sets the balance and creates unity between different geometries of furniture pieces. The density of the carpet depends mainly on the type of traffic it will endure and can be adjusted to site-specific requirements.

How do we make the carpets? In tufting there are two main options, the handtufting or the machine tufting. Both of these techniques have their own advantages. With handtufting there are no limitations regarding the shape or size of the carpet. It allows unlimited and arbitrary oriented color and yarn options, such as loop and cut pile, because of the single needle handtufting machines that are used. With machine tufting the options are rather limited but it still has a lot of advantages. The production enables a flexible fulfillment of the requirements. Together we look at which technique fits best regarding the project.