Winner Architizer A+Awards

We are honoured to announce BiOrigami as the winner of the Architizer A+Awards in the acoustics category. This unique series of 3D acoustic elements is composed of textile waste from jute coffee bags.

BiOrigami uses these non-reusable textiles that are otherwise hard to recycle, alongside biobased plastics in a new biocomposite material. By employing Japanese origami and digital production techniques, the biocomposite material transforms into a functional, sensory and flexible architectural product. BiOrigami gives interiors (from office spaces to restaurants) a distinct, sustainable identity and can be installed as wall panel or acoustic elements.  According to the Architizer A+Awards jury, BiOrigami stood out in the judging criteria aesthetic appeal, acoustic performance and social impact.

BiOrigami was developed in collaboration with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (UvA) and NEXT architects. It was awarded a Kiem grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Under the name BioFold we are implementing this innovative material on a commercial scale i.c.w. NPSP, DoFactory and Wolck. 

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