Canal View Echoes

Tactile and custom-made interior

In close collaboration with Tom Postma Design we have developed distinctive atmospheres employing personalised textiles to enhance the visual authenticity, acoustic and tactile values of a private apartment in the heart of Amsterdam. Canal View Echoes various material textile properties to realise 3 perception-changing concepts that meet functional requirements and translate the aesthetic wishes of the client.

1 – Indoor – Outdoor

Natural shapes and colours set the tone of this living area connecting indoor and outdoor experiences. Warm and soft textures counteract liquid, weather inspired motifs. The full wall curtain offers privacy and acoustic ambience serving as a comforting filter of the canal waterfront cityscape. Split into two contrasting textile materials, the curtain establishes an impression of the horizon, whereby still reflective canal water meets a fluffy cloudy Dutch sky.

Screen textile membrane diffuses the light making the curtain softly glow. Gradually scaling pattern of the perforated window blinds blends the border between open and closed window areas allowing for smooth and natural transition between the two. Lasercut dots let the sun paddles play on the surface of the fabric on a sunny day.

Shaped as a stone, felt like a cloud – the Japanese garden-inspired carpet. It sets the balance and creates unity of sculptural and expressive furniture pieces


2 – Day Dreaming

Finely detailed tactile space to feel comfortable in a morning gown is designed for transformation from a spacious lounge to a private guest bedroom with the use of built-in foldable interior elements. To highlight the multi-use of this room we created a harmonica curtain employing a specially developed textile folding technique. Thanks to the visual aspects of folded surfaces, from different viewpoints the curtain reveals different materiality – from one angle it has the looks of a polished copper wall, while from another angle it has a matt and irregular natural texture.

A high pole carpet for barefoot walks is composed of the yarns dyed to match the colours of all the interior elements in the room as a unifying piece that restores the balance of ever-changing space.


3 – Silk waves

For the intimate area of sleeping quarters, we employ highly tactile textiles from precious materials to trigger all senses.

We created an iteration of our diamond curtain collection to relate and converse with the silver silk wall covering. The intricate weaving technique of this silky curtain evokes a feeling of fragility and delicacy while offering structural strength like a diamond.

You can’t keep your shoes on when you see our dark teal silk carpet designed to elevate towards the most intimate experiences in layers of waves. The carpet features varied pole heights and densities to distinguish different sensations.