interactive elevator

Interactive elevator – The elevator is a large mechanical contraption that forces people into each other’s comfort zone, therefore users tend to stand against the elevator walls to keep their distance. So how about an interactive elevator? An elevator which could sense and show your presence and allow you to extend your visibility beyond your actual presence?

Interior – An elevator is not exactly designed for a comfortable or intriguing “ride”, and yet an elevator’s interior does play a major role in its perceived character. For the Architextiles research project we looked at transforming this small room into a more dynamic interactive space, inviting the users to connect.

Smart textiles – By covering the walls of the elevator with a smart textile it’s possible to capture the presence of human beings in a completely new way. A heat reactive yarn allows the colour to change when the threads are warm, a warm body for instance will leave a light-coloured silhouette. Contact with cool air changes the yarn back to its original colour. The walls of the elevator visibly react to touch.

Colour changing – Thanks to the colour changing walls, the elevator is in a constant state of flux. It’s users aren’t necessarily active participators in the change yet are the most important factor. Upon seeing these innovative textiles, elevator users are challenged to create new shapes on the walls, stimulate their fantasy or create a connection with former users thus making the elevator ride a more dynamic experience.

Credits – Architextiles is a research project on innovative interior textile applications. Initiated by Fokkema & Partners and supported by Creative Industries Fund NL, we were invited to join the multi disciplinary team of (interior) architect, fashion, textile and theatre designers.