stereo cushions

A simple cushion becomes a distinctive object through its unique shape. As a result of the various curves, each cushion appears different from every angle and is versatile in use. The 3D textile wraps around and emphasizes the shape, while the texture makes it look softer. The unique shapes of these cushions are derived from the unusual ways the zippers fix the covers. These kinds of forms are described as stereo metric shapes, giving them their names. The stereo cushions are part of the “instant product” collection: advanced weaving techniques allow for the pre-programming of different layers and seams, which results in (nearly) finished 3D products straight out the machine. material: cotton, mohair sizes: 4 colours: various stereo_cushion_sq_m_3stereo_cushion_sq_m_br The above pictures show the twisted “Square” formed Cushions stereo_cushion_py_Lstereo_cushion_py_L_2stereo_cushion_p_m_2 These above show the “Pyramid” shaped Cushions.stereo_cushion_L_wg_fea stereo_cushion_p_back and the “parallelogram” shaped Cushions. stereo_cushion_detail2stereo_cushion_groupstereo_cushion_spacestereo_cushion_detail8stereo_cushion_detail6