Spacer Chair

A soft and open mesh fabric turns into a spacious chair by a synthesis of constructive folding and hardening. Inspired by the carpet production process, we designed the chair based on the same principles: two pieces of fabric are partly interwoven and partly separated. Folding the fabric turns the two-dimensional cloth into a three-dimensional object. The chair derives its strength from both the double fabric and the curves: hardening 3-dimensional fabrics by means of resins gives them constructive qualities.
This Dry Tech 3 project was carried out in collaboration with the TU Delft Aerospace faculty, Droog Design and Next architects.





spacer_chair_detail_1 spacer_chair_detail_2




The process of design and making




3D rendering of the model



To see more about the research process behind the chair, look for the “dry tech” project in the subject “research”.

spacer chair exhibit


The dry-tech3 project was first exhibited at droog design in Amsterdam on September 2007