Well performing environments embody a soul.
Like the Japanese, we highly value two qualities: Atarimae hinshitsu meaning the design works the way it is intended and Miryokuteki hinshitsu which represents "enchanting quality" and refers to the aesthetic appeal and emotional relation to the object.

Healthy environments are flexible and dynamic like natural systems.
Our adaptive textiles accommodate and regulate changing needs on spatial circulation, efficient energy usage and acoustic ambience ultimately well.

Embedded origami patterns afford natural movement characteristics, growth and metamorphosis.
The uniquely developed computational weaving process results into authentic materialization and innovative origami structures.

Physical connection activates the brain.
By introducing haptic environments we trigger and captivate your senses, all of them. When you see our work, you will want to touch it, hold it and maybe even smell it, that's what we want to evoke ...

Bridging art, science and technique leads to innovation.
In multidisciplinary research groups we bring together passionate experts with diverse perspectives to discover new connections for setting original directions and solutions.

Altering perception creates space for the undiscovered.
We pioneer in the world of dimensional architectural textiles challenging perception of architecture. Passionately we question the limits and devote our efforts to fine-tune and perfect each detail, embracing all scales.

Small steps lead to large impacts.
Our team passionately examines, unravels, takes apart and creates something new, constructed out of the smallest elements we can use. Composing new materials and structures generates unexpected and advanced relations.

Cross-cultural collaborations give new insights and broaden perspective.
We initiate productive exchange of knowledge via lectures and workshops to foster inspiring influences from all over the world creating a fertile ground for new developments and expansion of our international expert community.

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