Lecture of the Boosting at Octatube and New Year’s drink

z&jaTogether with Zwarts & Jansma architects and Octatube we will give a presentation on the spectacular glass extension on the roof of the Diamond Exchange in Amsterdam.
Thursday 25 Januari, 16.00 – 19.00; initiated by Boosting, platform for innovation; Join us

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Creative Heroes Award 2017


The collaboration project ARCHI FOLDS Theaters Tilburg (Studio Samira Boon, Theaters TilburgTextielMuseum / TextielLab and University of Tokyo) is the winner of the Creative Heroes Award 2017 within the category Interieur – Samenwerking !

Healthcare symposium


On the 2nd of June, our research & rocking bench movie will be part of “Building the Future of Health” International Conference in Groningen. We will be featured in a lecture Design & Dementia #ageing in place. The project is organized by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and Cordaan.

archi folds

archifolds-m-series-3D-textiles-samiraboon-20 copy Our ARCHI FOLDS are now launched at the Co-Creation exhibition! Venue: Dutch Textile Museum Date: 2016-01-16 – 2017-03-17


schiphol copy 2We are currently working on a very special project: Holland Boulevard @ Schiphol airport! To be disclosed later this year….!


Mikimoto gallery

small-mikimoto_samira boon_12Our latest textiles can be seen in the exhibition “Tradition and Innovation of Dutch Design” presented by the Mikimoto gallery and the Dutch embassy. Curated by Lenn Cox. Photo credits go to Aki Takematsu.
Venue: Mikimoto hall, Tokyo
Date: 2014/03/27 – 2014/04/23

tonton workshop

sankakumado_playful_window_mosaique_22-smallWe were invited by tonton to organize a San Kaku Mado workshop in the Shibaura House, which is designed by Kazuyo Sejima. Photo credits go to Kakano Ougi.
Venue: Shibaura House, 3-15-4 Minato-ku Tokyo
Date: 2014/03/29

Gelinkt exhibition Samira Boon Spacer Chair


The selected favorites of Lieven Daenens, honorary director of the Design Museum Gent will be shown in a new netwerk of related objects. The exhibition ’Gelinkt’ (‘Connected’) includes Pappardelle by Ron Arad connected to our Spacer Chair!
Venue: Design Museum, Jan Breydelstraat 5 BE-9000 Gent
Date: 2013/11/28 – 2014/3/2

Exhibition Highlights TextielLab: Glowing Caterpillar

Highlights TextielLab

For Theaters Tilburg we created a foldable structure inspired on a caterpillar in collaboration with NEXT architects. The glowing caterpillar transforms the space into an intimate setting, see the design process and experience the result at
Highlights TextielLab: Glowing Caterpillar.
Venue: TextielMuseum, Goirkestraat 96, 5046 GN Tilburg
Date: 2013/11/14 – 2014/04/13

Interview Design Talks with Samira Boon

design talks

During Samira Boon’s stay in Japan she was interviewed by NHK WORLD for Design Talks. She was asked because she applies traditional Japanese folding and wrapping techniques with unique materials in modern design.
Date: 2013/10/24

''Stoelendans'' exhibition at CBK Amsterdam.


The exhibition ‘Stoelendans, 101 original chair concepts’, is a tribute to the chair. Stichting Zetel selected 101 special chairs and we are honored our spacer chair is one of them. The spacer chair is made during the Dry Tech 3 project, in collaboration with the TU Delft Aerospace faculty, Droog Design and Next architects. Definitely take a look as it’s a colourful and unique overview, it will inspire you too!
Venue: CBK Amsterdam, Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71, 1093 KS Amsterdam
Date: 2013/08/22 – 2013/10/06

Interactive elevator at the Transnatural Exhibition.

linking parts exhibition

Samira Boon is invited by Transnatural to participate at the Linking Parts exhibition. Transnatural organizes events en represents the Label in which technology plays by the rules of nature. The exhibition is about linking ‘devices’ that lead to different forms of collaboration. Our latest project the ‘interactive elevator’ will be a part of the exhibition.
venue: Transnatural Linking Parts exhibition Workspace Lijnbaansgracht 148a Amsterdam.
date: 2013/09/14 – 2014/01/10


changing identity collection

In our latest textile project ‘Changing Identity’, we have created a series of heat-responsive shawls. Featuring either an iris code or fingerprint pattern, the image on the shawls will change colour according to the temperature to create a personal identity code. more



Samira Boon is invited by Fokkema partners Architects to become part of the multi-disciplinary team that conducts research into innovative applications of textiles in the interior. Renowned experts in the field of architecture, smart textiles and product design, gave feedback during the expert meeting December 2012. The results of this study will be presented by showing mock ups and samples on 4 April at the Textile Museum Tilburg. venue: TextielMuseum Tilburg
date: 2013/04/04


theaters tilburg

This special artwork, commissioned by Theatres Tilburg was revealed during a concert of Amsterdam’s Sinfonietta. The object can best be described as an enormous space divider that can transform its size as well as its character and as such the entire concert hall. The screen is made out of white fabric and green glow-in-the-dark yarn, and the pattern will keep glowing in the dark even after the beautiful concert hall had turned off its lights – leaving a translucent atmosphere. Click here for more information on the project.
Venue: Tilburg Theatres
Date: 2012/10/09


kia & hyundai workshop

The Hyundai Motor Group and Kia Motors, invited Samira Boon to organize a workshop for the entire design and marketing team. During this successful intensive 6 days Conceptual Breakthrough Thinking workshop new approaches on the process of car design were explored.
Executed in cooperation with Bart Reuser and Myoung Won Suh.


tomo ni iki yo!

Japan got hit by a terrible disaster and the Japanese need their business more than ever. Therefore we announce that 100% of our profit on the Japan produced furoshiki shiki will be transferred to the JAPANESE RED CROSS. This applies to all products ordered directly at SAMIRA BOON (distributors and shops only) or orders made at the webshop of GOODS.
until 2011/04/17

folding exhibition

“folding” exhibition – Together with Kim Sang kyu and Joanna van der Zande, Samira Boon will be curating this exhibition, based on the previous one shown at Platform 21 (Amsterdam) but transformed to Korean culture and contemporary themes and issues.
venue: Korean  Craft & Design Foundation in Seoul, South Korea
date: 01/06/2011 – 30/06/2011


CJ assignment

One of the largest Korean Companies in food and food services, Cheil Jedang,  has asked Samira Boon to make designs for one of their product lines; the results will be shown after it’s revealed.


permanent collection

The “Dutch museum of bags and purses Hendrikje” has selected the furoshiki shiki for their permanent collection.

Currently the furoshiki shiki is also part of the exhibition “WHY OLD FASHIONED” (interweaving old techniques).
“With this exhibition we prove that handcraft techniques are back in fashion. Well known designers and fashion houses are using traditional techniques such as weaving, embroidery, knitting and crochet.” “…nowadays designers may also choose to use unconventional materials such as cotton, ribbons, plastic bags, plastic wires and even sweet packets”
venue: Dutch museum of bags “Hendrikje” Amsterdam, Netherlands
date: 2011/02/14 – 2011/09/11


waffle sleeve release

Our waffle sleeves are released in Japan: after a major transformation mori art and design shop in roppongi hills is the first shop to carry the waffle sleeves.
venue: roppongi hills art & design store, Tokyo, Japan
date: 2011/02/16


group exhibition

“Behind the Scenes” is a group exhibition at the Textile Museum Tilburg. The presentation offered a privileged peep at some of the most innovative and interesting projects that were carried out in 2009 in the Textile Lab.
venue: Dutch Textile Museum, Tilburg, Netherlands
date: 2010/06/04 – 2010/09/26


lecture in Seoul

During the Seoul Design Fair 2010 the “Dutch Design and Architecture Seminar” was organized by the Dutch Embassy. Samira Boon was one of the lecturers.
venue: Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul, South Korea
date: 2010/09/28


new: Ipad cover

The Furoshiki shiki series is extended with a new size. It perfectly fits the Ipad, protecting it from any damages; especially nice to mention is: the touch screen still works through the cover so there is no need to unwrap it all the time.


100% summerdesign

Organized by museum “De Paviljoens” and curated by Claudia Linders this  event “100% summerdesign” was part of the program “pionieren in de poort”.
venue: temporary museum in Almere
date: 2010/06/06

Samira Boon sales shanghai

shanghai shop

Now our products are also available in China’s tallest skyscraper: the museum shop in the Shanghai World Financial Center.